“Michael Carrick is Phenomenal…I Wish He was 25”

Manchester united boss Jose Mourinho has described Manchester united midfielderManchester United v West Ham United - FA Cup Quarter Final as a ‘phenomenal’ player admitting that he feels sad not being able to play the 35-year old regularly.


The Portuguese boss admitted he wished he could sign a 25-year old player who could play the same way the Englishman plays.

Michael Carrick who is one of Manchester United’s longest serving player is currently in his 11th season at Old Trafford and the veteran midfielder registered a fifth appearance under Jose Mourinho in Wednesday’s EFL cup tie against Manchester city.

The 35-year old had an impressive game against Manchester city and many fans of the club have urged Jose Mourinho to give the midfielder more playing time.

The manager revealed in his press conference ahead of Saturday’s game against Burnley that the fans made a point but he needs to carefully manage the midfielder’s workload as he (Carrick) is in an advanced stage of his career.

“There is a difference between playing a 35-year old and playing a 25-year old but one thing I can say is Michael is a phenomenal player and it is necessary that I have to manage him. I cannot expect from Carrick what I expect from Herrera or Rashford when it comes to playing three to five straight games”.

“The fans are right when they say Carrick played in United’s last two victories and that proves how important he is on the pitch. He grants other players the freedom to play on the pitch and he always brings this level of stability to the team.

Carrick isn’t just any player but one who has a perfect understanding of every game and it is a pity he is 35 and not 25. He is a great player and very hard to replace”.

Manchester united fans will be hoping to see Michael Carrick play when Manchester united host Burnley on Saturday afternoon.

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