“Manchester United Can Still Compete for Premier League Trophy”…Pep Guardiola

Jose Mourinho’s Manchester united team have been labeled ‘title contenders’ by Manchester city boss Pep Guardiola who believes the red devils have all it takes to fight for the premier league trophy despite being in the sixth position of the premier league table according to reports in the Squawka.


Manchester united who currently occupy the sixth position of the premier league table are eight points behind Manchester city and are nine points behind league leaders Chelsea after 12 premier league games and this has prompted sports pundits to rule out Jose Mourinho’s chances of winning the league at Manchester united this season and many have tipped Liverpool, Manchester city and Chelsea to lift the trophy.

However, Pep Guardiola has refused to write off Jose Mourinho’s men and believes that the red devils can still find their way out of the sixth position and challenge for the premier league trophy. He described Manchester united as ‘real contenders’ to winning this season’s premier league and Guardiola has claimed that the premier league winner won’t be decided until the last eight games next year.

Pep Guardiola is quoted as saying by the Squawka:

“I believe the winner of the league will be decided probably in the eight or ten games towards the end but it is important to be at the top at that time. After eight Champions league games we are at the top with Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester united because united are starting to win games so I believe they can compete for the title”.

Pep Guardiola also hinted that prior to his appointment as manager of Manchester city, he had an idea that so many teams had what it takes to compete for the premier league and he also disclosed that the demands of the premier league aren’t just physical but also mental because it is quite difficult to play in the premier league after a champions league trip.

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